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Transcend in Twenty-Ten: The YOU Plan

Posted by drwoody on January 7, 2010

The New Year is now fully kicked-off and it’s time to make the madness of 2009 yesterday’s news. As I mentioned in my last blog post, the New Year is an opportunity to reset, take back control and transcend the fear and loathing we all experienced last year.

To accomplish this, you will need a plan… a YOU Plan.

The Great Recession has fundamentally altered the employment landscape. The rules of the game have changed and your success in The New Economy will depend on your ability to adjust to these new rules. I believe we are entering into an age of career entrepreneurialism, an age where careers aren’t pursued they are created.

Whether you are a battle-tested workforce veteran or graduating college senior, you are going to have to start thinking differently. The number of defined job slots available continues to dwindle, which means that you are going to have to start getting more creative and ultimately more competitive.

Yes, you are going to have to start thinking like an entrepreneur. In one way, shape, or form, every entrepreneur has their own YOU Plan and so should you.

The YOU Plan

As a coach trained in the field of organizational psychology, I am firmly against the notion of one-size-fits-all. I believe in guiding people through processes as opposed to prescribing specific rules. Hence, The YOU Plan concept was born.

Creating a YOU Plan is about asking yourself serious questions and making tough choices. Developing your own YOU Plan starts with taking stock of who you are and the assets you have at your disposal. Although this sounds simple, it’s not. Both transitioning professionals and students alike tend to struggle with this.

When I talk about understanding who you are and the assets you have, I am really talking about three things: Values, Intrinsics, and Passions. Before you can make a series push to get out there and make your next career move, you need to have a firm handle on your Values, Intrinsics, and Passions or what I like to refer to as your VIPs.

Just about everyone I meet and work with believes they have a good handle on their VIPs until I push them to seriously answer three questions:

• What are my Values?
• What are my Intrinsics?
• What are my Passions?

Your VIPs are important because they represent the essence of who you are and what you are capable of. Consider the fact that:

• your values are what drive your decision making;
• your intrinsics are what you bring to the table; and
• your passions are what generate your energy.

In the coming weeks I will discuss each of these in more depth, beginning next Monday with Values.

Creating a YOU plan isn’t easy and it shouldn’t be. However, it is a critical first step in creating a successful career. Keep in mind, would an NFL coach field his team on Sunday afternoon without a game plan? Would an airline pilot take off with a plane full of passengers and no flight plan? Would a general take to the battlefield without a strategy?

Thanks and good luck!

Dr. Woody (www.DrWoody.com)

To learn more about Dr. Woody and his upcoming book The YOU Plan, check out http://www.TheYouPlan.com

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